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The Mercies of God Association, otherwise known as MOGA, has been involved in radio since 1961. What started off as a radio program evolved into a Full-Time 501C-3 Ministry in 1995. The Founder of MOGA was Dr. Peter Nortier. Upon his passing, the Ministry has continued the radio broadcast on some radio stations and through various social media sites. 

In 2020, the Board of Directors met and decided to change our direction into helping create safe places for those who are dealing with mental health issues. We have been planning in the future to build homes, or safe places, especially for our younger generation between the ages of 18 and 30. Unfortunately, due to CoViD-19, it was put on hold until now.

MOGA History

Who We Are

Today, we have embarked on our vision to start moving in this direction. The opportunity has come to us with some products to start preparing our future homes we plan to build. With our 501-C3, we are able to accept donations for the homes we long to build. The vision is coming into fruition today.

We want to be known as a safe place for young people to go to when they are not able to stay at home or be alone. We believe in God's Mercies and this is a way to present the Love of our Lord. This is the direction our founder would get behind and support. This generation will know there is hope and they can conquer their pain through the hope that is brought through God's Mercies. As one of our dear friends would say, "turn your scars into stars."

Please consider partnering with our ministry, by turning pain to hope.  We love your prayers and earnestly ask that you start or continue praying for our Ministry.  We appreciate any, and all help that you may provide.

Feel free to make a tax-deductible donation to our Ministry as a one time gift. In addition, if you are interested in becoming a partner monthly or annually, we will keep you updated on all progress.

We are considering any opportunity to fund our plans for the next generation. MOGA wants our future, the next generation, to become bold and upstanding leaders and citizens; however, we cannot fulfill any part of our vision without all of the following: God, our friends, and our partners.  As we progress forward to assist those in need, we will continue giving updates to those who desire to see what God does through MOGA.

Again, we love your prayers. We love to know that people care about our Ministry. If you feel called to make a donation through our website, we guarantee to give our all to use every cent for the next generation. Any donation that reaches $100 or higher will allow us to grant the title of Founding Member of our Ministry.  If you have any questions, please Contact Us.  If you would like to Donate, click here.

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